In 2017 I revealed that I was writing “The Haunting of Arkaig” which was to be an opera about a spooky wailing banshee that inhabited a Scottish loch.


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So much creativity with so little time. Remember when I was talking about "The Haunting of Arkaig" – a rock opera about a ghost who haunts a town in Scotland. Well I'm still working on it. I finished the mixes and now all it needs is voiceovers and character work. The problem? Need Scottish voice actors and have been on the search for some time to get the perfect narrator. So I haven't abandoned the project. It will still happen when time and finances allow. Until then I am focusing on my artworks and other music projects including the latest Cask release. Plus the Cursed Legacy Lunar Isolation concept album is still in the works. I know it's been a few years since a single has been released but we don't want to rush it. #CaskJThomson #independentmusic #rockmusic #progressiverock #guitarists #singersongwriter #newrelease #grunge #lifeisaterminalillness #CaskJArt #conceptalbums

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The tracks were set out and recorded and I just needed to bring in the narrator (was really holding out for Neil Oliver but he was always too busy)


So what happened? Well I just got to a point where I decided I couldn’t complete it, but I just decided it was never going to be good enough. I’m very critical of myself and felt like I couldn’t dedicate enough time, finances and effort to maintaining the sound it required so I shelved it. Maybe I will go back, maybe I won’t.

The artwork was pretty cool so here it is: