The so-called “High Fidelity Pure Audio” HFPA Blu-Ray audio was really exciting for me as I saw it as a potential SACD/DVD-A/HDTracks competitor. Nope, it’s a total disappointment.

This, though, was to be expected by Universal Music. They’ve upsampled their remasters of CD’s (where they’d compress everything to hell) and then burned them to Blu-Ray discs.

So far, the dynamic range has almost always been WORSE than the original standard CD’s

 The real slap in the face here is that all of these HFPA releases offer you a digital version of the album…in compressed MP3. Surely you’re not interested in MP3 if you are truly seeking the highest quality of audio available? Surely a WAV or FLAC file would be better suited.

The discs are encrypted but have been cracked. It would seem that maybe it’s not only piracy they want to stop – it’s us seeing that the raw audio files are in fact ‘cheated’ files from the 44.1k CD